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Cheryl Dodd Baldwin, MPH and Mary Ellen Finerty, RN, MA have been involved in the healing arts and personal empowerment field for over forty years. It has been their life's work and passion. They shared a holistic health practice in Mont Clare, Pennsylvania before moving to Cuenca, Ecuador where they are living their life dream of living outside the U.S. and exploring new adventures. They continue their work with clients in the U.S., and are now providing the services you see on this website. 

Cheryl has degrees in psychology, public health, and integrative health and holds numerous certifications in the holistic health field.

Mary has degrees in biology, nursing, and nursing education/administration, and also holds numerous certifications in holistic health.

Cheryl and Mary are the authors of the book, Living with Grace, Flow and Ease, and they have taught both nationally and internationally.

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 "Health is not simply the absence of sickness."  ~Hannah Green

Through our experience and training, we have come to understand that health is a life-style. It is not a "diet", or just a new exercise regiment, it is about how we think, behave, treat ourselves and others, AND how we treat our body. Cheryl and Mary help you approach your life-style with ways that appreciate you, your uniqueness, and what makes you truly happy in your life.  You can learn more about their on-line coaching here:


You won't believe how great you can feel in every aspect of your life! 

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The products we use are chosen from our years of experience of working with nutritional supplements. In the many, many products we have used and tested, we are bringing you the best of the best. No need to search further! We make it simple for you. In fact, when we "retired" to move to Ecuador, we were contacted by many of our previous clients asking us how they could please continue to work with us and have access to the amazing testing and products we used for so many years. They had not been able to find anything like what we offered. What we are bringing to you on this website is not available to the general public. You can't buy it on Amazon, or even direct from the company. They only work with people that have been through their extensive training, as we have been, and continue with their on-going training. This way, we can bring you the best of the best for your health and well-being. These products use pure, top grade ingredients, with top quality processing. Learn more about our products here:


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Because we take on-going education and our professionalism very seriously, we are proud members of the Association of Natural Health. You can learn more about becoming a member by clicking here:  http://aonh.org/