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A Life-time of Experience!

Cheryl Dodd Baldwin, MPH has been working with people her whole career, starting at 17 years old when she was recruited by a local judge to help him create a teen program for teens that needed help. That was the beginning of a long career of social work, counseling, and later, for over twenty-five years,  assisting others with health and wellness. Cheryl came to understand that a holistic approach was important in helping people take their lives to a whole new level. Her clients are mostly professionals: Psychologists, women in leadership of Fortune 500 companies, women in upper management, retired professionals of all kinds, stay at home Moms, and others that are wanting to live their best.

She holds degrees in Psychology, Integrative Health and Public Health, and she has numerous certifications in the holistic health field. You can see more about Cheryl by clicking this link here:


Her Coaching Services

Cheryl works with people by phone, Skype, or other on-line platforms that are convenient to you. She helps her clients identify their goals, what would make them really happy in life, what their health challenges are, and then clear away old blocks and issues that may be getting in the way. We identify what nutritional needs you may have to enhance your energy, clearer thinking, and better rest. This all leads to a more freed up, happier, healthier you!  Now "retired", her services are more reasonable than you might expect, and she works with a select few.

FREE 20 Minute Consult

Before working with Cheryl, she feels it is important that her work with you is a good fit. Therefore, she likes to have a 20 minute consult before you begin this very special work together. She offers this to you FREE. Once you both agree this feels right, you begin your work - which is life-changing and freeing. You will be amazed at how great you will feel - physically, emotionally, and Spiritually.  Because, after all, "Life is meant to be good!" Cheryl believes this, and she lives it. 

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